TeamMagic - 1/10 G4JR Gas Touring Car

TeamMagic -  1/10 G4JR Gas Touring Car
 Inside the G4JR beats the heart of a champion. Its natural ability to win races comes from its proven design,so like a Father who passes his knowledge onto his Son; the G4JR has the gift of being stronger and faster then anything before. 
Based On The European Champions Car Design !!
In 2006 & 2007 the G4S & G4+ were released . The G4S & G4+ again ignited that excitement and took on the best of Europe in 2006 & 2007 . It dominated the podium twice with 1st places. These results provided proof that the G4 series were reliable, fast and fun to drive. It was without doubt, the inevitable choice to form the backbone of this new RTR kit G4JR .
Ready to run & Ready to race
The G4JR comes 95% factory assembled for your convenience. Factory assembly saves a considerable amount of construction time which means you're up and racing as quickly as possible. 

The two main objectives of a ‘ready-to-run’ car are firstly, to help take away the hard decisions a beginner can sometimes be faced with. Is this the right motor? Are these the right servos? It can sometimes be an overwhelming decision on whether they feel their getting the right product with their money.

The second objective to success is placed on the manufacturer. They need to assemble an entire package from a combination of parts, all of them coming together to form a kit which leaves the owner totally satisfied.

The G4JR easily meets these objectives but it’s what makes this RTR kits different from its competitors that makes it so special. Its not often a beginner in this sport can race a championship winning chassis and feel what it’s like to experience a whole new driving sensation. It’s a dream come true, the G4JR is it best ready-to-run kits available. It’s time for the beginner to let out a sigh of relief.
K Factory Partially Pre-Painted Touring Body
R/C racing is all about having fun. Part of this fun comes from seeing a scaled down version of a real car racing around the track. 

The included K Factory pre-painted body is the perfect match for the G4JR and really lets the car stand out from the crowd. Since its introduction, the type of body has been in favor with gas car racers for its ability to create excellent down-force while maintaining a neutral feel. It’s the ultimate body for distributing front and rear down-force evenly which lets the driver feel the smallest change in chassis setup. In addition, the body has been pre-painted in the factory to the point where the owner can choose the final color to match their attitude. If you want to have a different RTR, this partially pre-painted body is the only choice.

After the paint has dried you can continue styling the body by adding your favorite stickers and external upgrades like a light kit or neon. Matching the stickers of your favorite race car or adding a headlight and brake light kit will give your G4JR a real, full-scale car look.
Speed – ED Transmission System 
This new gear set for the G4 series of cars is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to a revised internal gear ratio, getting the power from the engine to the wheels is a much easier task not only for the engine but also for the driver. It all means reduced cost in clutches, gears and belts while improving acceleration and top speed. The ED transmission system included with the G4JR features high quality lightweight plastic pulleys and continues to offer a major advancement in touring car performance.
Plenty of Options 
In addition to styling the car, consider the fact that this RTR kit is based on an already existing competition chassis. This clever idea gives the owner the potential to select from over 100 K-Factory option parts, including those that fit the G4 competition chassis, and install them on the car with ease. There’s no other car on the market that offers such a wide selection of option parts. Not only will it look awesome but it will go faster too! This is something we think many owners will consider enjoyable.

Insist on quality
It can sometime be a difficult task to change people’s perception of something if they’ve been put in the same position for many years. How many times has an RTR kit has been frowned upon by racers as being cheap or of inferior quality? The G4JR is set to change this mindset. It features only top quality equipment, so what makes the G4JR a competitive chassis, you’ll find in this RTR kit. No expense has been spared to deliver performance, quality and durability.

The G4JR is not only designed as a racing car, but also a piece of art. On the racing side, the car has the lowest centre of gravity among all gas sedans. This can be easily seen when you put several hottest cars in a row. In addition to a low CG, all the components are centralized to make the car as slim as possible. To make the car more eye-catching and easier to recognize, there is a unique fuel tank install
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