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About Us

YeahRacing was launched in South Africa, out of the love of the hobby - in those years the RC Hobby was majorly overpriced. Having grown up with this sport in Europe and used it for bonding with my own parents, I wanted to share this experience with all other Parents/Children in South Africa - therefore I used my savings at the time to start importing quality RC products as a much more affordable price. Each product is tested by the owner before it comes on sale. Each product comes with guaranteed backup. We will go as far as run a loss to make sure customer service is upheld. This business runs at marginal mark ups, so some of our products might come across as cheap - but actually you are receiving an exceptional product at a give away price. We stand by our products and their quality. Current importer of Alturn-USA, Team Magic, FS-Racing, PICCO, Enneti, SKY-RC, Wind Hobby, H.A.R.D Racing, K-Factory, Yeah Racing and many more to come.